1. "Have you asked the same of everyone? We've literally all had sex scenes on the show; I'd say it's quite reductive to ask only the one playing the gay character what his sexual preferences are. It's doing you a great disservice, really. Go on and ask Viola what personal experiences she's used to draw upon in her sex scenes, I'm sure you'd get some great stories."

    — Wells Gravenor (Vulture)
  2. next season on how to get away with murder...
  3. Wells Gravenor at the How To Get Away With Murder TCA panel

    he knows exactly what he's doing.


  5. arsenatalie:

    okay, this has gone on long enough and i can't keep scrolling by without saying something. i am SO EMBARRASSED by all the praise wells gravenor's been getting for not admitting his sexuality. i mean, seriously, guys?! i can't even believe what i'm reading anymore. we don't have enough proud and out gay people to look up to in the media as it is, let alone one who WE BASICALLY GREW UP WITH who has such a dedicated, impressionable fanbase, and i'm ashamed of everyone championing his apathy toward such an important issue that he could really make an impact on. it's not funny, and it's not cute, it's damaging to the community, and that's all there is to it. he is in a prime position to be a serious role model to young gay people, and is frankly squandering it, and you guys are here cheering. i'm sorry, but it's disgusting.

    oh my god, is this real? this is the most tumblr thing i've ever read. i know i'm not supposed to touch the poop, i will surely regret touching the poop, but i must, my people need me. shall we dance? let's dance.

    wells is an actor playing a role. that's all he's responsible for. he isn't neville longbottom, and he isn't connor walsh. he's wells gravenor, our tiny yorkshire prince. he, as wells gravenor the nonfictional human being, has no obligation to be a role model. and if this "prime position" you speak of has you confusing him with his roles, i could understand the redemptive aspect of neville being admirable, but this is about his sexuality, so you're citing connor here? honey. i mean, maybe you need a gay guy to look up to while you fulfill your dream of gleefully hacking up your law professor's husband while singing unhinged renditions of christmas carols, i don't know your life. but again, he is playing a role. his personal sexual identity while portraying a gay character are about as relevant to the role as his real accent is to playing an american - not at all.

    furthermore, we might as well get all tumblr with this. you know what's actually damaging to the gay community? fetishizing. you see, htgawm is a shonda joint, and love her or hate her, she's got pretty great knack for filling out a diverse cast without falling on stereotypes and being perfectly normal about it, and it's awesome to see on basic cable. the aforementioned connor walsh is gay, but he's not a "gay character". his sexuality, while prominent, is not his defining characteristic, nor would it be much different if he were female or a straight guy sleeping around for evidence. he just happens to be gay, and there's no agenda to the role. it's so normal, in fact, that a few episodes in, it's shown that asher didn't even realize connor was gay, and once he knows, whatever. because it's honestly unrealistic to keep pointing out minority characters as special snowflakes. which makes it even more ridiculous for the media to be constantly singling out the actor playing the gay character for all the sexuality questions, since it makes him an outsider again, and thus completely defeats the purpose of this subtle commentary. so, yeah, we're championing him because we should. it's fun to see wells repeatedly call out this nonsense, because he should. and it also bears mentioning that he doesn't seem very interested in being an advocate for anything, and that's okay. believe it or not, not all people want to be a sjw, maybe he just wants to live his life without everyone having an opinion on his sexual preferences. imagine that.

    tl;dr: wells gravenor doesn't owe you anything, sit down.

  6. Acting 101 With Wells Gravenor: Hug All The Things
  7. headlygrange:


    "looking" back meme » favorite sex scenes [3/20]: agustín x frank x scotty

    i was dressed as a slutty jalapeño that night, so you might not recognize me
    WHOA, I FORGOT THIS WAS WELLS GRAVENOR FROM HTGAWM. this makes me want a really long crackfic where things go bad with all the murder, and connor goes on the run and finds himself in a studio in san francisco, trading in his gqmf status and all those glourious coats for thin paint-spotted t-shirts, overgrown haircuts, and questionable tattoos.

    so basically he becomes wells??

  8. camerajens asked:

         do you know what that tweet was about a while back, when wells said something about how it was really surreal that they told him "sound more british" while speaking french? i feel like nothing came of it, and i always want him to do more french films so it was relevant to my interests :3

    I'm about 99% sure that was in reference to Sean Ellis' ensemble short film advert for Cartier that came out around Valentine's Day. Wells plays a bumbly British fellow trying to propose to his French girlfriend, and sports not only an awkward Brit accent on his French lines, but a posh accent when he's speaking English. Acting! Plus elevator hijinks? Give it a watch, it's pretty cute.

    Also, if you're interested, I highly recommend this HP AU series inspired by it, with Neville and Hannah and more plants, of course. Enjoy!

  9. I'm proud of my sexuality, it's not about that. I just don't think the world has a right to know who I go to bed with if it's only just meant to satisfy their curiosity.

    — Wells Gravenor, Out Magazine.

  10. How many sexual partners have you had in the last year? An estimate’s fine.