9:40 pm - 4/18/2015

Wells Gravenor Goes Down in #THEWRECKONING (NSFW)

Has #THEWRECKONING claimed yet another? This evening, a grainy video allegedly gleaned from actor Wells Gravenor's private cloud account was posted to LiveLeak and spread quickly, as it appears to feature the 26-year-old Brit, best known as Neville in the Harry Potter series, performing fellatio on an unidentified man.

Dimly-lit and shot from above by the unknown yet well-endowed recipient, the approximately three-minute clip seems to show Gravenor giving enthusiastic oral sex, earning mumbled encouragement from the man behind the screen, who chimes in twice about how "f---ing hot" Gravenor looks "doing that", and ineloquently requests he send the video to him afterward, to which Gravenor smirks up at the camera and quips, "Like I'd trust you with that." Gravenor then takes the act to its inevitable conclusion, though the result is only shown briefly against his cheek before cutting off. The video has been questioned by many as not being Gravenor, mostly due to its lack of quality, but eagle-eyed fans have already pointed out similarities, most notably in the form of the quick glimpses of the snake tattoo on his forearm and the hint of his distinctive Yorkshire accent in the single time he spoke.

Needless to say, Gravenor has come a long way from his awkward prepubescent days, and has previously made up for lost child star time in typical rebellious fashion, by doing everything from appearing nude in a Sigur Rós music video short, to performing explicit scenes in Lars Von Trier's controversial sex epic Nymphomaniac, and is no stranger to gay scenes either. Currently known for his role on "How To Get Away With Murder" as the out gay character he's self-described as "an unapologetic manwhore no one's ever said no to", the leak seems to reveal that life has apparently been imitating art behind the scenes too, despite Gravenor being consistently evasive to the point of being annoying regarding his own personal sexual preferences. So whether the video surprised anyone or not, one can only imagine how many bets have now been won and lost with this news.

Reps for the actor have yet to make a comment, and he's remained quiet on social media since.

SOURCE and (don't) watch the video while you still can here.