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wellsgravenor . 3h
wellsgravenor covering tattoos for several hours is like... 🙈 #htgawtfisgoingon view all 426 comments ablestanian you have tatts?! i didn't even know!!

hello_michello Guys it's true, his tattoo is really big and spreads down his ribs, it's my name cuz I'm his bae #sorrynotsorry


hufflepufferabbo doesn't he have the snake he killed in hp on his arm? @moonmaddie

darthbraheem I'm sick to fuck of seeing this closeted hypocrite everywhere, I don't care how hot or naked he is at any given time

breebree @hufflepufferabbo you can see all his ink in hbo's looking iirc, your welcome 😉

die.biene @darthbraheem excuse me? why do you care then? there's the door if you need it, no one's asking you to comment, ass

lolawasabi @darthbraheem TROLLLLLLLLLLLLL IN THE DUNGEON 🏃

maddiemoon @hufflepufferabbo i swear i read he legit has the dark mark on his arm 😂

darthbraheem @die.biene So you're ok with seeing a guy give a bj on the internet and still act like he's gay for pay? Uh, cool role model

eforreaper @breebree like half his tats in looking are fake tho...

gutsylvania please be for the flash, please be for the flash, please be for the flash 😍

die.biene @darthbraheem i'm okay with someone who got their privacy invaded in a big way moving on with their life, yeah. why does he owe you more than that? bye now

astro_neri @darthbraheem lol closeted? homeboy just posted a pic of his hot bf the other day, he's not hiding anything

darthbraheem @die.biene Why not admit it then? Why act like he still has something to hide? So annoying. He could get so much press and help out the cause that we're still fighting so hard for right now in politics like with Kim Davis and the equality act and everything but no

hawkdenna several hours? what are they?? where are they??? pics????

sovkhorr @darthbraheem he's british tho lmao

username @astro_neri THAT WAS HIS BF?!?! no way....... @eeeetrock omg emily you were right

diebiene @darthbraheem you're the reason he quit social media for like three months, fuck off

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