full name Llewellyn Sébastien Rhys Gravenor professional name Wells Gravenor date of birth 12 February 1989 (26) occupation Actor hometown Leeds, UK & Paris, France current residence(s) London & Los Angeles status & sexuality single; kinsey 4 (semi-public) personality enfp "the campaigner"
Wells Gravenor

» Élise-Simone Cadieux was a free-spirited young french film producer looking to finance a friend's independent film when she waltzed into the life of older Welsh investment banker Arnall Gravenor, and while she succeeded in getting the film financed, she also came out of it with a son on the way and thus, an impending brand new life. Opting to embrace the circumstances in lieu of any unsavory alternatives, Élise-Simone and Arnall chose to settle in Leeds, and had their first son Llewellyn, followed shortly by their daughter, Gillian. They were the first and only children for Élise-Simone, but Arnall had three sons from a previous marriage. Though they remain tenuously together today, for personal reasons they've never disclosed, the two never married. (Llewellyn has often theorized that it was due to his mother's trivial refusal to take his Welsh surname.)

» Wells was born Llewellyn Sébastien Rhys Gravenor, after his paternal great-grandfather, Llewellyn Rhys Gravenor. The inclusion of Sébastien was a last-minute addition his mother had fought for, and now cites as an enduring example of how no one can say no to her. She also claimed at the time that Sébastien was an old family name on her side, though no apparent relatives bear the name. This sly deception (of sorts) would lay the groundwork for a rather unconventional relationship between the two. However, despite his mouthful of a name, it held abundant opportunities for nicknames, all which he endured with varying levels of annoyance and protest throughout his early years. His father was the one who first began calling him Wells as a pet name, and since, it was the only one that stuck. Now he exclusively goes by Wells Gravenor professionally, which was also possibly his first of many career decisions made to cheekily spite his mother.

» Though they're undeniably close, Wells and his mother have always enjoyed entertaining rivalry of a relationship, fueled by his perpetual desire to mildly disappoint her and continually raise the bar in doing so. "What have you done now?" is her common prompt, paired with an amused smirk that he was seemingly genetically predisposed to mirror perfectly, and while she often claims his antics are one day going to kill her, she seems to wordlessly encourage his rebellion, as if living out her own stifled defiance through him.

» Never content with the idea of staying home with the children, Élise-Simone went back to work not long after Gillian was born, and grew a reputation as a notable casting director in London. Despite his lack of experience or even much interest in acting, she frequently encouraged Wells to take small commercial roles and modeling gigs, throughout his early school years, which he shruggingly accepted. So, naturally, when the Harry Potter scripts were being passed around any British child actors, she couldn't help but push eleven-year-old Wells to audition for the iconic titular role. Expecting nothing to come of it, he was indeed turned down, but instead offered the role of hapless Neville Longbottom. Not only was he shocked by this, but at the time, he hadn't yet read any of the book series.

» Though finding himself entirely ill-prepared for his new life as an inexperienced actor thrust into an immensely popular international film franchise for nearly half his life, Wells found solidarity in and grew incredibly close with his castmates as they all essentially spent their formative years together. Perhaps as expected, adjusting to life after Harry Potter proved a bigger challenge than life during it, however, especially given he'd originally never planned on or was even much interested in being an actor, and the role he'd played for a decade was not only all he knew at the time, but financially, he now had no real need to jump into back into it if he ultimately didn't want to. So, having successfully made it through his most awkward stage of life despite everyone watching, the world was now his, and he made a conscious decision to simply do as he pleased in life and his career, and casually take any role that interested him, ideally those that would most disappoint his mother - without whom the Potter whirlwind of his life would have admittedly not been possible - as a sort of playful revenge.

» Despite being fluent in French from being partially raised in Paris, Wells was slightly hesitant to take on French-speaking roles at first out of simple self-consciousness, but quickly grew to embrace and almost prefer them as a break from Harry Potter. His first came in the form of a small role in Gus Van Sant's segment of the 2006 anthology film, Paris Je T'aime, where he played a young artist attempting to flirt with young American man, not knowing he doesn't speak French. To his slight dismay, this gained him a particular amount of attention in the Harry Potter fandom, due to the subject matter, and that many simply didn't know he spoke the language. He went on to take a small role in French teen coming-of-age comedy LOL, and later starred in Télé Gaucho as his first major role after the conclusion of the Potter series, which largely went unnoticed.

» Though he never intended on taking the cliché child star route of waving his middle finger at the family-friendly series that made his career, Wells couldn't very well turn down Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac: Vol. I & II when it came to him, despite its obvious controversial subject matter. He'd already shocked his fans by volunteering his talent and nude form for an artful SIGUR RÓS music video project, as well as taking on more gay themes in Kill Your Darlings, so taking on another polarizing role seemed the natural progression of things. Not only that, but his mother had since settled in with her dream position as director of communications at the Cannes Film Festival, and meeting her there with the notorious director's NC-17 film gave Wells an unmatched joy that he flaunted around the prestigious festival whenever he could.

» Not at all shy in admitting it, the beginning twinges of boredom with his post-Potter career were entirely the catalyst to taking his efforts stateside in 2014, with another somewhat controversial role as gay law student connor walsh in the new fall shonda rhimes-helmed drama, "how to get away with murder". The series offered the challenge of not only his first venture into television, but another opportunity in requiring an American accent, which he'd only done once before for Kill Your Darlings, and not well, he'd argue. Armed with dialect coaches once again, he claims he put in far more acting work than any role he'd had previously, and succeeded well enough to surprise many unknowing fans and critics when his real accent came out in interviews, which thankfully supplied an excellent deflection from talking about his multiple gay sex scenes. The series was very well-recieved after its preliminary nine episodes, and while it makes him somewhat nervous to have a "steady" job, Wells remains optimistic about it.

the flash (2018) (announced) ... barry allen / the flash batman v. superman: dawn of justice (2016) (post-production) ... barry allen / the flash the stanford prison experiment (2015) ... daniel culp / prisoner 8612 "the proposal" (short film advert for cartier) (2015) ... elevator man "how to get away with murder" (2014--) ... connor walsh "looking" (2014) ... scotty (2 episodes) nymphomaniac: vol. II (2013) ... jerôme nymphomaniac: vol. I (2013) ... jerôme kill your darlings (2013) ... allen ginsberg sigur rós: "fjögur píanó" (music video short) (2012) ... man télé gaucho / pirate tv (2012) ... victor another happy day (2011) ... elliot harry potter and the deathly hallows: part II (2011) ... neville longbottom harry potter and the deathly hallows: part I (video game) (2010) ... neville longbottom (voice) harry potter and the deathly hallows: part I (2010) ... neville longbottom harry potter and the forbidden journey (short) (2010) ... neville longbottom harry potter and the half-blood prince (2009) ... neville longbottom lol (laughing out loud) (french) (2008) ... julien harry potter and the order of the phoenix (video game) (2007) ... neville longbottom (voice) harry potter and the order of the phoenix (2007) ... neville longbottom paris, je t'aime (2006) ... gaspard (segment: 'le marais' by gus van sant) harry potter and the goblet of fire (2005) ... neville longbottom harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban (2004) ... neville longbottom harry potter and the chamber of secrets (2002) ... neville longbottom harry potter and the philosopher's stone (2001) ... neville longbottom
parents Élise-Simone Marie Cadieux mother, 49, cannes film festival communications director Arnall Rhys Gravenor father, 60, investment banker / gardening enthusiast

siblings, etc Gillian Joséphine Carys Allard (Gravenor) sister, 25, designer / model Henri Gareth James Allard nephew, 8 months Delwyn "Prys" Rhys Gravenor half-brother, 35, investment banker Ifan Rhys Gravenor half-brother, 33, writer / stay-at-home dad Kyffin "Kyf" Rhys Gravenor half-brother, 30, lawyer
» is credited as llewellyn gravenor in the first two harry potter films.
» has performed voiceover for the character of harry (as well as neville), among occasional others, in the french language dubbed versions of the potter series.
» is left-handed, which he has unwittingly imposed upon the canon of neville, as he is not only seen holding his wand and otherwise writing with his left hand several times throughout the films, but was notably holding godric gryffindor's sword in his left hand in publicity photos for the final film.
» has had asthma his entire life, which he loathes.
» owns two pet gopher snakes named thierry and slevin.
» accidentally had his eardrum ruptured while filming harry potter and the order of the phoenix, when helena bonham carter, as bellatrix lestrange, stuck her wand in his ear and he flinched. thankfully, he only sustained minor internal bleeding.
» his younger sister gillian was an extra in three of the harry potter films.
» upon the conclusion of the potter series, he got a large tattoo of a snake around his forearm to commemorate neville's victorious moment in the final film.
» inexplicably hated working with trevor the toad, and was quite vocal about it. however, one of his favorite chat show discussion topics while on the promotional circuit for the series was the existence of trevor the toad fanfiction.
» in the earlier potter films, he famously wore fake front teeth, padding, and shoes designed to make him appear more clumsy, all which he was often found expressing his dislike for, as they were not only uncomfortable, but he believed they hindered his already tenuous early acting abilities.
» is a big fan of the james bond film series, particularly those with roger moore. at one time, there were rumors he had auditioned for the role of q in skyfall, which he's acknowledged with a wink, despite being completely untrue.
» has never learned how to drive, which is only a bother when he's in los angeles.
» can play the cello, though not as well as he thinks.
» has a large collection of shoes, though unlike most collectors, he isn't very precious about them, which he enjoys frustrating fans with over social media.
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